Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some more photos

My better half found a few photos that I neglected to post.

On this trip the only way to catch a fish was to ignore your line.  He caught more fish than anyone by telling stories and only fishing when we yelled "FISH ON!"

I've never seen someone so happy to catch a pinfish but this was his pinfish, and believe you me he fought it

What Manatee Pocket at 5 am in the summer looks like.  So calm, so quiet... I wish I had a better camera and the skills to show you how beautiful it really is.

I could kick myself for not getting pics of the fish but bonito were running in the ICW.  Actually there were bonito, blue runners, and ladyfish all feeding at once but we chased the bonito and landed two of them, a small jack crevalle, and a ladyfish.  The bonitos were smoked and became awesome fish dip, the rest were released.

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