Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mack attack!

Hello friends,
The inshore action is stepping up.  We're still feeling the effects of all the rain we had a few weeks ago but the water in the ICW is slowly clearing, and the river looks more like coffee than chocolate milk.  In addition the the many, many undersized mutton snapper we're still getting a few keeper mangroves and the Spanish Mackerel have started to get hungry.  The mullet are running and the macks eat them like candy!  You can find plenty of them between the crossroads and Stuart causeway, and they're not always in deeper water like you might expect. 
Snapper are still hungry for shrimp but the mullet brought us plenty of jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel, and ladyfish to keep us busy.  I aim to have my guests bring home supper but "junk" fish are still fun to catch.

I still start the day with live shrimp and whatever my cast net finds but instead of the usual white bait with the occasional mullet it's the other way around.  Saturday I actually caught a tiny snook in my net, probably only four inches long.  Before I worried about the bait fish I got that little guy back in the water, we want him to get nice and fat and make some angler very happy a few years from now! 
Tight Lines!

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